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Understanding Trend Lifecycles

While you may think the latest food trends (like turmeric, fried pickles, and shishito peppers) surfaced only in recent years, the reality is that they’ve been around for a decade, moving through the menu adoption cycle. When we only focus on what’s gaining popularity today, it’s difficult to stay on top of trends and capitalize…

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How to Spot Food Trends

You probably knew of the avocado toast trend in 2019, before it became completely ubiquitous, but were you watching it 10 years ago? While we typically spot trends by looking at what’s happening today, using the menu adoption cycle (MAC) we can actually predict food trends that will define the landscape in the next several…

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Is breakfast your jam?

According to our new 2019 Breakfast Keynote Report, around eight in 10 consumers say breakfast is an important part of their day, and three-quarters of consumers prioritize healthiness at breakfast.

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